Webroot Dialog boxes too small

  • 1 September 2017
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The displayed dialog boxes are TINY! I literally had to use 'OneLoupe' magnifier to read checkbox dialog LOL. I'm 69 years old. I'm using1440 x 900 display on wide screen LCD display (Recommended). It would be nice to have larger dialog box choice.

6 replies

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Hi unclerobmacCINCY
Precisely which dialog boxes are you referring to? Some inidcation of which & where they are would be of assistance.
Regards, Baldrick
I have the same question as Baldrick. Not able to agree or disagree with your idea until I know what you're referring to.
I'm using 27" 2560x1440 display on wide screen LCD. The webroot interface unfortunately, "stamp size". The list in the interface even smaller, in addition, any changes in the 40-50 list always drop back to the beginning of the list. Not too comfortable for this use
@ wrote:
The webroot interface unfortunately, "stamp size".
Stamp size?? Literally? If so, I'm confused 😠. Are we talking about the PC Consumer Version?
Also what is the 40-50 list? It was this that made me wonder if we're talking about the same version.
Hopefully, some more precision from you and from @ (What kind of device? Which version of Webroot? What do you mean by the webroot interface—ie. specifically, which webroot interface?—the 40-50 list, checkbox dialog, and dialog box choice?) would be helpful as (although I can't speak for others) I at the moment can't see what you're referring to?
I have the same problem.  Best Buy just downloade Webroot to my laptop and is is very small and very dark.  Anyway to change this?
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We appreciate the feedback, we are not looking to implement this at the moment, however we will keep in mind for the future.