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  • 5 October 2017
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I have a new product idea. Actually it's moe a case of "back to the future". I know that I am not alone in wanting this.....
Windows 10 Smartscreen, applock and Defender are greatly improved tools compared to Windows 7, Although they are not perfect, so they need an intelligent companion or overseer to fill the gaps.
Additionally, I've personally and increasingly had various problems with running a variety of full Suites on my various PCs, including those running Webroot. I don't want to go into the specific causes here, nor whether speculate if this might be attempts by Microsoft to get a greater share of the AV market, but in simple terms, I think that switching off the core security system of an OS and replacing it with a third party is, at least from a design perspective, a very tricky thing to achieve and to implement it successfully.
Many of you here will recall that Prevx/WRSA started off as a complement to Windows Defender (or whatever it was called back in the day), and to other AVs. It's great that WRSA has grown into such a capable system. However, I would like to have the option of using Webroot as an layer or three of protection, without me playing with the registry to try and accomplish that, it needs to be designed to do that by Webroot experts, not guessed by Cavehomme the Tinkerer.
The product would be like a "Guardian Angel" watching over our systems, letting WD, smartscreen, etc do their thing, but then pouncing on a threat when Microsoft's own defences fail or need a helping hand. A bit like the handful of other products out there do their thing, but much better because Webroot have greater expertise and capabilities than the others.
As I said already, as a concept, it would be essentially similar to the previous versions of Webroot of a few years ago, but with the advantage of innovations since then. In practice it is perhaps today's product with a clearer boundary and adjustment of responses to various threats. I think it's also a new revenue opportunity and need not cannibalise existing revenues. I'd call it Webroot Guardian.
I don't want to engage in the old circular discssuions again, just request for people to simply upvote the idea if they agree, and if they disagree, to respecfully just leave it alone without negativity and simply don't upvote it. 
Thanks for listening.

2 replies

Not trying to introduce any negativity here (as you ask above not to do!). However...maybe I'm stupid but I genuinely and honestly thought that Webroot still does this when combined with other AVs in exactly the same way as Prevx did in the past and, as you say, WSA has done in the past.
If I'm wrong about this, I stand to be humbly corrected. If I'm correct, that would make this request superflous.
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Thank you for the input, however we are not looking to add this, at this time.