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Webroot could offer secure VPN service. To encrypt data and protection users in public insecure WIFI, a VPN is a must. Webroot could offer VPN service which would have like 6 plans with the most basic plan offered to WSA AV users and subsequent advanced plans for Internet Plus and Complete users. The rest of the plans could be used at a reasonal upgrade price per year. Anybody not using WSA could also use the service for a price. The VPN would come integrated with WSA. And option like 'install secure VPN' would install the VPN serive. And then start using secure worry free WIFI. It'd be that simple.

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Hmmm, another great idea!
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This seems to be similar This Secure Browsing Idea.  Toss some Kudo's on it and Webroot will probably reconsider it.
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@DavidP Oh but I'm being very specific. I'm suggesting a VPN service. Not some sort of encrypting program/browser system. In a VPN every data is encrypted and travels through a secure tunnel. Webroot could add ultra fast VPN service and the industry leading encryption for the data.
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While the idea itself did not mention VPN, VPN was discussed in the thread, which is why I said "seems similar", it is a bit different than the actual idea of that thread.  
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@DavidP Oh! Apologies for the misunderstanding on my part. Then I hope Webroot would consider the exact idea of VPN.
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This would be awesome, however Webroot would have to set up a few server locations around the world for global Internet anonymity 😃.
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@Simmy That would not be a problem. With the amount of resource Webroot has it would be a piece of cake!
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This line of business falls outside the core competencies we are focused on right now and would require the implementation of new infrastructure that does not currently exist. While a Webroot provided VPN service would augment the other security we provide, we will leave that business for others.
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But VPN is an integral part of security. I mean public WIFIs are everywhere nowadays. We use tablets, latops and smartphones in cafes, libraries, office places,etc. to access the WIFI available. Webroot takes care of the security on modern devices. Why would you leave an important area unprotected? I think you could consider building a new area of protection in Webroot arsenal for the VPN. Webroot is the forerunner in security and I think it would pass everybody in this area too. We would get every protection necessary centralized into one product. Less hassle. Less headache. 🙂
"Well, OK then...."  Can you RECOMMEND a company from which we can get VPN? 
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@ have a look here and pick one that doesn't leak:
I personally use SlickVPN and it's at a good price.
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I understand this is VPN WiFi protection. Will it protect my desktop computer connected to my router via ethernet cable, not WiFi?