Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac :)

  • 7 February 2012
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Would love to see a Mac product!

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The 2013 version of Webroot SecureAnywhere now supports Mac! 😃
But surely Macs don't get viruses? ;)
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Guess what's on the way in the not too distant future... 😉
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Development of a Mac security product has been underway for a few months now. As one of the engineers working on the product I can say that we are progressing well and will be moving to QA soon. As for a release date, nothing has been set but I would guess it will be in the late summer or fall timeframe. 
i understand that webroot is working on a mac version as of feburary this year. can you provide any estimate of when it will be complete? a month; 3 months; more... thanks   
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We're working on it!