Webroot should aquire Ad Muncher!

  • 12 April 2013
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Aquiring Ad Muncher will greatly aid my idea
WSA would be almost invincible.

6 replies

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:D Good idea but I am not sure that Jeff and Murray (the developers) are ready to do so. However, one never know ... I am chatting with Jeff often and the best of Ad Muncher is yet to be unveiled in v5 that should be out soon this year. So stay tuned.
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@pegas I'm sure if Jeff and Murray are offered with a viable and reasonable agreement they will consider. So don't count that yet my friend.
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We will have to decline implementing this idea for the same reasons provided in this other idea, but thank you for the suggestion.
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Yeah I guess so. Thank you.
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Amit, no offence my friend, but this idea was so naive, as if I wanted to buy Webroot 😛 😃 you never know though ...
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Yeah well I had to give a shot Petr.:D