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  • 13 June 2013
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What I thought would be a excellent way for Webroot Staff to add a personnel touch with the members and users would be to have their picture with a brief description on what they do at the main office listed in the company overview.
I have seen this done with other company's and it really gives that special touch and care by the company.
What does the members think???:D

6 replies

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Thanks for the idea! I just wanted to point out that we have our "Meet the Community" bios and descriptions of our threat bloggers here:
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We have also added an employee title under each username. 

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I did not know about the bio page... I will have to check that out!
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You didn't know David after all this time? You got to look around more buddy. 😛 Personal Joke! ;)
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TH... LOL!! 🙂
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We do now offer this to an extent, as shown here.