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  • 23 February 2012
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I think a great addition would be a webroot  online store where we can purchase t-shirts, mugs,posters, hats etc etc etc

13 replies

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Any possibility of the software being available online?  With screenshots?
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Hey Everpest - Good news! You can buy our software right now at any of our product pages. Here is the link to our Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete:
Also, we have user guides available online that contain screenshots as well.
Hope that helps!
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Hello intrepid46, 
I think that Webroot clothing and accessories is a great idea.  I have actually though of this personally while at home and then forgot to bring it up when returning to work. 
Keep the great suggestions coming. 
David S.
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I'd like to see some computer bags...I remember seeing a photo way back, when the logo was the little yellow target, where one of the Webroot employees had a laptop carry bag with the webroot name and logo embroidered on it...I though it was the greatest thing ever and have wanted one ever looked very cool, or off the chain or whatever the kids are saying now.  ;)
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While Webroot merchandise is now available through the VIP program and the Ambassador program, the merchandise store itself has been put on hold for the time being. We'll continue to monitor the popularity of this idea, but for now, the best way to get Webroot gear is to keep on posting. 🙂
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I like this idea very much. Please implement it. I want a Webroot Store in my area.:)
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Amit, I believe the idea was for an online store for things like hats and t-shirts.  Webroot software is already available in many retail stores, such as Best Buy.  🙂
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I am currently wearing a very nice black Webroot fleece 🙂
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A black Webroot Fleece?
Yes.. I would like to see such a store available so I can get one of those for the cold winter mornings!
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Oh! I misread the idea. Many apologies. I thought it was to be a local Webroot store Webroot merchandises like hats. But online store is also good idea.:)
By the way, I'd like to know more about the availability of the merchandises through the VIP programs? How do I purchase them through the program?
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Amit, as far as I know, you cannot purchase them. They are only given for reaching a VIP rank.

However in your case (the fastest user climbing up), don't worry you will collect them all soon free of charge 😉
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Oh I see. Hahaha. Thanks for the assurance Petr.:D
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Hey everyone, I've got some exciting news!!!
I wanted to let you know that we have now launched the official Webroot store!!! 
We've got Webroot shirts, socks, hoodies, Patagonia jackets, and more! Click here ->