Webroot Windows 7 Gadget

  • 20 May 2012
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I realy like the idea of a Windows 7 Gadget voor Webroot on my desktop so you can acces everythin easily. Just like more Antivirus company's do.

2 replies

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Hey rnuis! We appreciate this idea, but after reviewing this idea internally, we decided that gadgets are just not something that we want to have as a feature of SecureAnywhere. With our new product line focusing on being light and unintrusive (and with the industry moving that way in general with the Windows 8 launch coming soon) we want to stay focused on a simple online experience. No more gadgets for now - but you may see a Metro app!
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Another good reason not to have a gadget - according to a new article from Microsoft, having gadgets enabled is a good way to end up accidentally running malicious code.  They are going so far as to suggest disabling the Windows Sidebar and gadgets altogether.