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WiFi VPN adding it to the Complete version as part of the package.

  • 25 September 2018
  • 4 replies

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I have had a thought about the VPN @freydrew
A standalone product is fine BUT the WSA Complete will no longer be Complete will it.
So why not keep it as a standalone product which can be purchased by anyone but include it in the WSA Complete package to keep the Complete name. To compensate a user could have either the Back up and Sync OR the VPN (although I would get rid of the back up and sync).
I have a feeling that this would be quite a draw for some customers to upgrade or try WSA for the first time.
Maybe worth thinking of.

4 replies

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Thanks Jeff I agree fully!
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 Sounds good Jasper! I'm on board with it! 😉
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Worth consideratiuon. 😉
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Definitely think this should be available in the GSM console just like DNS protection is, and available as an option straight from there (assuming it currently is not). Perhaps enroll a client's phone by sending them an e-mail to a link for the app, which connects to the specific management console during install?


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