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Window Washer for Windows 7

  • 26 June 2013
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I am new on here.  I used "Window Washer" on my XP computer for several years and really liked it. I upgraded to Win 7 and was disappointed to find that "Window Washer" was no longer available as a stand alone product. I am happy with my current antivirus suite and really do not want to change just to get the window washing tools.  I understand that they bundled them with their "Secure Anywhere Complete" suite in order to boost sales. I would gladly pay the upgrade price if the window washing tools could be installed separate from the antivirus tools. Webroot gets their money and I get my window washing tools....seems like a "win-win" to me.

5 replies

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Have a look here as it's been mentioned already and please Kudo that one and I don't think they going to come out with a standalone Windows Washer again as you will see. 😞 http://community.webroot.com/t5/Ideas-Exchange/Please-bring-back-Window-Washer/idi-p/4781#.Ucsb7G2DkWU
TH  😉
Thank you for the link, It explained a lot...and I did "Kudo" it.. Since WSA plays nicely with my Norton 360, I will go ahead and order a copy. I still have not found anything that had the ease of use and worked as well as "Window Washer". Although I never went beyond 3 levels of cleaning on my XP machine, I do understand your concern for SSD drives. However, the old hard drives will be around for some time to come. It would be nice if WSA could detect the type of drive and "clean" accordingly. 
Thanks again!!!
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I am afraid that as noted in the thread referenced in Triple Heix's comment above it looks very likely that Window Washer is no more and will not be revived.  That is the reality of the situation.