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Windows 8 Custom Firewall Settings/options in WSA Products

  • 7 February 2013
  • 3 replies

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The wsa firewall semm to have lost its flexibility in windows 8. I would like to have control over my firewall and thats why I chose to have a complete security suite and dont want to install a third party firewall nor i am not so comfortable with windows firewall settings. The wsa firewall was smooth and comfortable in custom allowing applications to connect or not in windows 7. I would like to have have the feature back in windows 8.

3 replies

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As all the versions of WSA has the firewall so lets make this into all 3 of them.
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Windows 8 presents limitations to our current firewall implementation and we are currently considering our options in light of those limitations.
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Any update on this feature? Or are we gonna be stuck with Windows default firewall?


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