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  • 8 May 2018
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I think this hasn't been posted yet:
The Wrdata folder grows without the (advanced) user being warned, especially if you develop or use your own software. Besides, when this database is damaged, you might get a high cpu usage. So here are some ideas:
- Having the wrdata size on the front page of webroot. Maybe a warning if it's above x GB
- A detailed list of the space used by each program.
- A 'i agree this program is safe, please clean up' button. (might be dangerous however)
- A check database option (should be automated). also a repair/rebuild/reset database tool to avoid reinstalling webroot (or manually cleaning wrdata)
- A webroot cpu usage monitoring especially wrusr.dll. High cpu usage between scans should be a warning

1 reply

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Hi @, we've tried mitigating the size of this folder via a 60 day check. This will help clean up some of the non essential files and by doing so will help keep these logs to a more manageable size. 
At this time we will not be exploring this request but will add this to our backlog. 
Thank you so much, 


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