WSA mobile deserves higher public awareness

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I am a very huge fan of WSA mobile. Yeah, probably nothing special for a community/forum member :D
I have tried a few mobile security suits before but WSA is definitely the best without question. I therefore paid for the premium. WSA possesses absolutely sleek, cute and smart GUI and its security features are unparallel in the world. WSA beats all competitors easily with his cloud database, literally no performance impact, no battery drainage etc. etc. etc.
All the more is very painful to see very low public awareness of the application. At least in Android market. Installation counter says between 1 000 - 5 000 with just a couple of user credits (118). I am really annoyed to see installation counters and user credits of competitors, they are peaking millions installations and thousands credits. New avast! reached more than million within just 3 days and to be honest I uninstalled it right after installation ... Well, it is just my personal evaluation though. I am not by no means bashing competitors!!! I respect them all, everybody is trying its best but not all are lucky enough in the end.
My problem is that public awareness of WSA mobile doesn't correspond to the product quality (or to my liking at least ;) ) There is no balanced ratio.
Therefore and for the sake of goodness of WSA mobile I appeal you at Webroot please do everything to attract new users and thus to increase user base immensely because the application deserves it, indeed.
Just my two cents.
Kind regards,

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Hello pegas,
Thanks for this feedback. We couldn’t agree more!
We're going to continue spreading the word on our mobile solutions as much as possible. In fact, check out this very recent interview with our VP of mobile solutions at Mobile World Congress:
We'll keep you posted as other news hits the press :)
Thanks again for submitting this great idea!


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