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  • 26 February 2012
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Will Webroot create a version of WSA for Symbian OS?

4 replies

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Hi Boelie,
Welcome to the Webroot Community !
At the present time we do not offer a SecureAnywhere product for the Symbian OS.  I would suggest that you submit the request for a Symbian OS product to our Webroot Ideas Exchange  
This will allow other members of the Community to add to your idea and vote on it for future consideration.
Thank you for the welcome, I added the request to Webroot ideas exchange 🙂
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You're very welcome Boelie :D 
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Symbian has been losing a lot of market share recently. The most recent report I've seen has Symbian at 6.8% market share, vs. 59% for Android and 23% for iOS. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericson all pulled out of Symbian, mostly in favor of Android. Unless something changes to bring Symbian back into greater overall use, it's not likely Webroot will develop an app specifically for Symbian.