• 5 August 2012
  • 4 replies

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It looks like Webroot SecureAnywhere has updated to, however I am not seeing any release notes posted here.
I'm curious as to what has updated.

4 replies

Userlevel 7 is in beta only. Release Notes will be posted when version is finalized and released to the public.
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oh, wow. GUI changes. I just opened it up and noticed a few of the changes. (Yes, I looked for release notes before even opening up WSA lol).
I completely forgot I was on the BETA channel too.
I would love to help with beta testing how do i join the Beta channel ?
i have an active Secure anywhere complete subscription 🙂
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As far as I know the Closed Beta Group is not accepting any new testers ATM but if there is a need they will ask just keep an eye https:///t5/Webroot-Betas/ct-p/Beta but they are still Beta Testing https:///t5/Windows-8-Compatibility-Beta/Microsoft-Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-Download-Link/td-p/5450but I don`t know for how much longer?


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