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Version (Released December 3rd, 2013)
  • Updating the language file.
  • Password management support in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Executing new agent commands sent from Management Console.
  • CPU usage is reduced during scans.
  • Registry reading performance when under high contention.
  • Detection of script viruses.
  • Speed of uninstallation.
  • Automatic cleanup of old rollback data.
  • Days remaining under My Account are hidden when the keycode is hidden.

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I always like detail about what you're working on improving! Thanks. We definitely like the fact that the client is always improving.
I should have come up with that hiding the subscription time idea 😞
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Thanks Anna!
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Thank you Anna.
Thank you Anna! 😃
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Hi Anna
Super! Perfect! Spot on! Cheers! :D
Regards, Balders
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My CPU usage is still way too high, not only during scans, but afterwards, until WRSA is restarted. A "when idle" scan finished about 15 minutes ago, and the parent WRSA.exe process is consuming 70%+ CPU. I never had these problems until the recent 8.0 versions appeared. I thought I had worked around this problem in by setting the "Favor low CPU usage over fast scanning" option, but now with scans cause a problem again.
When I shutdown WRSA and relaunch it, CPU usage is less than 1%. However, it does not inform the WIndows 7 Action Center that it's been turned back on and I see the Action Center warning flag in my tray until I reboot.
It's now to the point where I have to disable scans on this machine. It's clear from the release notes from the last two releases that Webroot is aware of CPU issues with scanning. I hope Webroot will escalate its efforts.
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Hi Eldan
At the risk of sounding trite, have you submitted a support ticket about this?  If not then please do so (Open a Support Ticket) so that Support can investigate your issue.  If you have but have not had a response, etc., then post back and we will try to forward this for you.
What you are highlighting is unusual to say the least...at least in my experience.


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