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Version (Released May 15th, 2013)
  • Compatibility with F5 VPN
  • Application performance on XenApp servers
  • Handling of proxy configuration
  • Compatibility with DiskDirector
  • Malware cleanup of registry threats
  • System Analyzer malware detection
  • Support for virtual machines and cloned environments
  • Removing some detected components of malware on reboot
  • Updating protection statistic values on XP in SME
  • Network-level compatibility on terminal servers
  • Compatibility with Kaseya Agent Internet Access Protection Extension
  • Triggering of multiple scheduled scans
  • Browser compatibility with Sandboxie 4.1 beta
  • Instability in certain SME environments
  • Automatic proxy detection for SME

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NIce!  Thank you for the notes!
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Thank you........................up and running yesterday!
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Mine is still showing x.127 @ 12:57 EDT. How do you upgrade to 145??
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It's automatic or you can grab it here:
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Got it. Thank you acooldozen
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Compliments of TripleHelix
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Question? Anyway to add comment right to a post? If not how hard would it be to implement? Like I thanked three different people. A comment right to a thread would be awesome and helpfull!
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Just give-em a Kudo!
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Hi Jim, in future release notes could you note the full name of a product including the developer and place it in quotes?
"Sandbox 4.1 beta" didn't give any results on Google until I dropped the "Beta" and a few results down was a reference to a GFI product.
Also, it mentioned support for virtual machines and cloned environments but does not elaborate on what those improvements are?
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I think that's supposed to read Sandboxie, but it was published as "Sandbox" for some reason and made it over to Community when I moved it. Sorry about that! I'll try to get some info on the virtual machine improvements for you.
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Nice improvements. Thanks Jim. Still on 127. Gonna wait til the update rolls out here in the Parallel Universe. It always takes some days.
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Amit, you don't need to wait if you don't want ... you can download it from the link you received with your credentials and install over the existing version. :D
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Yeah but I like to the idea of wsa being all cloud and not prone to any manual update. I don't even notice and the number changes to latest like magic. 🙂
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OK, it gives me sence Amit ;)
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Yeah enchanting stuff.:D
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Explanoit, I've got that information you were looking for.  There were two main improvements.  The first is improved performance in XenApp environments and the other is that you can now use the install switch "-uniquedevice."  This switch causes WSA to incorporate a unique identifier into the machine ID.  Basically it's easier to tell cloned environments apart from each other now.