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macOS installer - Help me choose

  • 12 October 2020
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macOS installer - Help me choose
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When installing Webroot Endpoint on macOS, you will need to choose the correct version to deploy. Both versions can be deployed interactively or silently using remote deployment tools.


If you are installing on macOS version 10.14 or lower, please use version 9.0:


If you are installing on macOS version 10.15 or higher, please use version 9.1:


If deploying silently, refer to this article which contains a script that checks the macOS version and dynamically downloads the correct version to install.


To check the version of macOS you are on, you can:

  1. Click the Apple menu in the top left corner and go to “About This Mac”. The version number is displayed on the Overview tab, just under the version name.

  2. You can query the version number from the command line, or even incorporate this into a script. Open terminal and run this command:
    sw_vers -productVersion

    Here an example of the command and output:


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