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The Kaseya Partner community area is designed for VSA users and administrators who also use Webroot products. This community page will be a location where partners can ask Webroot experts and MSP collegues questions, collaborate on best practices and share collaborative information.
Please feel free to post a new topic and get a timely response.
PS... Introduce yourself on this Welcome thread and let us know if there's anything specific the Webroot team can provide help and support.

Craig Papke | Sales Engineer - Webroot

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Hello all! Looking forward to see what enhancements the 3.0 module has inside of Kaseya.
As we have billing associated with our agents (the agents being in a mix of Continuum / Kaseya) we're looking for the best way to ensure that with the clients we do have in Kaseya that the Agents have a matching Webroot agent, install if not detected, create a ticket (In ConnectWise via API or by emailing our PSA), and auto-remediate itself.
Another thing is when we install agents, the agents get into the 'Default' group - If it matches a known IP with a site, it would be nice tobe able to move it into a matching client group in the Webroot Portal.
One thing additional that we've fought with is agents that are in the 'default' group, if Kaseya / Webroot API with BrightGauge could pass along that info so we can have a guage based on 'Agents in Default Group' that we know need to be sorted.
I'm sure there will be more that I think of after we use the module. Excited to see what's coming! 
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Thanks for the suggestions and I'll repost in the Integrations Suggestions thread.  I'm just getting this forum built out so other topics, suggestions are more than welcome.  I actually just setup the Suggestions one as you were typing 🙂


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