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Getting Started with the Webroot Unity API and Postman

Getting Started with the Webroot Unity API and Postman
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Where can I find a detailed, narrated guide that will take me from downloading and installing Postman, to running my first Unity API requests?


We have comprehensive, online simulations that will guide you step-by-step through the following procedures:
  1. Obtaining a REST Client (Postman)
  2. Obtaining your Unity API Credentials (Through the GSM Console)
  3. Using Postman and the Unity API to request an Access Token
  4. My First Requests - GET Site Data & GET Endpoint Data
All of these simulations are available by clicking here.

The Webroot Unity API online documentation page contains links to helpful information and a reference guide that provides the complete list of available Unity API operations, click here to access it.

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The simulations are a great help, thanks!
Regards Peter.
The simulations really helped me. I had a basic idea of APIs but never have taken advantage. The simulations really helped me as a beginner get off the ground. Now i'm using the API Reference Documentation to help me figure out how to automate particular proceses through the API. Big thumbs up!
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Trying to complete the simulation steps in the Windows Desktop version of Postman, side-by-side with the simulation window (Chrome app was no longer available on the Postman site). 
I can successfully complete the POST request to generate my access token, but when I attempt the first GET request for /sites it always returns "error": "invalid_token", "error_description": "Access was denied due to invalid token."
I have tried altering the Authorization parameter, attempting to use "Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxx..." (with a space between Bearer and the token, as in the simulation), "bearer xxxxxxxxxxxx...", "Bearerxxxxxxxxx...", "bearerxxxxxxxxxxx...", "Bearer%20xxxxxxxxxxxxx...", and just "xxxxxxxxxxxxx..." but every attempt returns the same invalid token error. I have also made sure to issue the GET request within the 299-second timeframe after generating the access token.
I haven't been able to find any reference to this invalid token error within the Webroot Unity forum. Can anyone advise me how to make this initial GET request for /sites work as it does in the simulation?
Best Regards,
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Hi @JosefNT,
Please open a ticket with Webroot Support by clicking here. They will need your full request and response data (sans password and Client Secret) to diagnose further.
Best regards,
Joseph R.

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