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How to set a proxy using MSI for Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

How to set a proxy using MSI for Webroot Business Endpoint Protection
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You can use command-line options with MSI to deploy to endpoints and enable the use of a proxy for communication.

Note: If the Proxy server settings are enabled in Internet Explorer, they will always be used, regardless of how the agent is deployed. If you want to use an alternate proxy server for the agent to communicate, the IE proxy server settings must be disabled.

To enable proxy support, use these command-line options:

msiexec /i "C:\wsasme.msi" GUILIC="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"
CMDLINE="-proxyhost=nn.nn.nn.nn -proxyauth=n -proxyuser=proxyuser
-proxypass=password -proxyport=port_number" /qn /L*v C:\Windowsinstall_log.txt

These values are available for -proxyauth= :

0=Any, 1=Basic, 2=Digest, 3=Negotiate, 4=NTLM

Note: We recommend that you use a specific value for -proxyauth, rather than 0 (any). The (any) option requires the endpoint to search through all authentication types, which might result in unnecessary errors on proxy servers as well as delayed communications.

Using these values, you would pass the following into CMDLINE:

-proxyhost= -proxyauth=n -proxyuser=proxyuser -proxypass=password

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