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Implementing alerts in Webroot Business Management consoles

  • 14 March 2019
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Implementing alerts in Webroot Business Management consoles
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Implementing alerts in Webroot Business single site or Business consoles

Email alerts are available in the Webroot Business console and are a great way to stay informed. Alert messages can be configured with custom names, include specific data inputs, sent to customized distribution lists, and be sent immediately or in summarized form (for summary type alerts). Additional information on alerts, including more detailed instructions with screenshots, are available in the user guide, click here.

The alerts available include:
  • Infection alerts when an endpoint reports an infection
  • Installation alerts when new Webroot Business agent installations complete on endpoints
This document contains information on how to configure alerts in Webroot Business single site GSM (or Business) consoles. To see steps for multi-site (or MSP) consoles, see the Implementing alerts in multi-site consoles article. For more information on console types (including how to determine the one in use), click here.

Note: To customize alerts, the user account must have permissions for Alerts: Create & Edit.

To implement an alert:

1. Log into the Webroot Business console and click the Alerts tab.
2. Click the Add button.
3. Enter a Name for the alert, choose the Alert Type, click Next.
  • If choosing a summary type alert, the frequency of delivery and a delivery time will need to be specified.
4. Configure the Alert Recipients; select an existing distribution list or create a new one. Once completed, click Next.
5. For the Select sites step, leave All sites selected (as there is only one site), click Next.
6. Provide a title for the alert and customize the message body, including what data inputs to include, click Finish once complete.
  • For more information on customizing the message body and the data inputs available, click here.
All alerts will be displayed in the Alert List section under the Alerts tab in the Webroot console and can be updated, suspended or deleted from there.

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