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Mysterious Randomly Named File Attributed to Webroot

Mysterious Randomly Named File Attributed to Webroot
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Task Manager shows a process made of randomized letters that is identified as a Webroot Process, but I could not find a reference to it on search engines.  Also, sometimes there would be 2 of these processes running.  The program is stored in C:Program Files*random letters**random letters*.exe -ul.  What is this?


The installer for Webroot SecureAnywhere has an option to randomize its installation in order to avoid being blocked by certain infections that know how to block files that are conventionally named.  If there is cause to believe that there is such an infection present or if the user manually selects the option, Webroot SecureAnywhere will install with a randomized file name into a randomized directory.  So while typically the executable file is called WRSA.exe, in such cases it will be called *some random series of letters*.exe. 

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