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Secure Anywhere PC & Mac

  • 25 January 2019
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Secure Anywhere PC & Mac
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Supported Languages / Localized Operating Systems

How to Reset My Security Code for Two Factor Authentication

Webroot SecureAnywhere System Requirements

Bandwidth Usage

Webroot SecureAnywhere Firewall Compatibility

What is a Handle Leak?

Preview Webroot Release Candidates

How to Request Reclassification of a Website


How do I update Webroot SecureAnywhere?

Error FZLC0056


What is my keycode?

How do I activate a new keycode in the program?

Activate a New Keycode

MAC - How to activate a new keycode

Virtual machine license seat usage

Webroot Account

How to setup your online Webroot account

Forgotten Access Control Password

How to confirm an online management account

How to Reset Two-Factor Authentication

How to Reset My Security Code for Two-Factor Authentication from the Webroot Management Console Login Page

Webroot Agent

How do I check which version of WSA I'm using?

Transferring Webroot to Another Computer

Fast Scans When Offline: How?

How to Remove Potentially Unwanted Applications

How to allow a trusted screen capture program

Mysterious Randomly Named File Attributed to Webroot


Backup & Sync

Backup & Sync: Creating a Filetype Filter

Are synced files lost online if deleted?

Password Manager

How to setup Webroot Password Manager for new users

How to migrate to Webroot Password Manager from LastPass®️

How to switch to the new Password Manager (for users registered with the same email in both Password Manager & LastPass®️)

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