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Windows screen display shows black areas and suffers from delays

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Over a period of time without a reboot, the screen display becomes sluggish to respond and contains patches of black and can become distorted until a reboot is performed.
Agent release 9.0.24.x (scheduled for release early 2019) is expected to improve the issue.
There has been continued efforts to address this issue and the best advice is to ensure the latest release is installed. Webroot expects the 9.0.24.x agent release to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate reports of screen related issues from the field.
For more information on updating the agent, please see:
The Graphics Device Interface (GDI) is a core operating system component responsible for representing graphical objects on the screen display including the user interface of Webroot SecureAnywhere. Each running program that needs to show something on the screen consumes GDI objects.  
Although not proven, our current research leads to believe that there are circumstances in which Webroot SecureAnywhere does not release GDI objects when it has finished with them.  When too many are in used, Windows is unable to draw any more GDI objects, leading to misbehaving software and frozen and unresponsive program operation. Improvements have been made to the agent in relation to resource management that are expected to significantly reduce reported issues.
For more information on Windows GDI, see this article:  Graphics Device Interface
Webroot SecureAnywhere
All versions of Windows, including server editions
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