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Setting up AutoPay in the My Billing portal

  • 5 November 2019
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Setting up AutoPay in the My Billing portal
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You can use the My Billing portal to setup AutoPay, which will use the saved credit card to pay your bill automatically.


To set up AutoPay:

  1. Log into the Webroot management console.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Settings, select the Account Information sub-tab, then click the blue Usage Console button.

  3. The My Billing portal displays billing information, assuming an account has been added. Click here if help is needed adding an account.

    The top section of the My Billing portal includes the ability to setup AutoPay, click Set up AutoPay to display more information about how AutoPay works and start the AutoPay setup process.

  4. Review the How AutoPay Works screen, click Begin to proceed.

  5. Terms and conditions are presented, including contact information for additional questions or inquiries. Click Agree to continue.
  6. The Credit Card Selection screen appears and displays the type and last 4 digits of the saved credit card. You can:
    • Use the saved credit card.
    • Add a credit card if one is not saved.
    • Update the saved credit card information and use the new credit card information. Click here for help updating the saved credit card information.

      Once the credit card information is correct, click Complete AutoPay.

  7. Once AutoPay has been successfully setup, the following message will be displayed in the My Billing portal.

For more information on My Billing, please see:

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