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Community Updates - Instant search and filters

  • 29 January 2020
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We’re pleased to share that we are currently working on improving our search functionality. 

Example of new search results page


What to expect

  • Searching in a category page will only show results from that specific category*

  • Instant search - the list of search result will automatically refresh as you type in a search result page

  • Endless scroll - when you reach the bottom of the list of result we’ll automatically load a new set of results

  • UI changes - the list of search results will be changed to improve read- and scanabilty

  • Search filters - you will be able to filter search result pages on:

    • Community (parent) categories

    • Knowledge base (parent) categories

    • Topic type

    • Public tag

    • Source (e.g. community, knowledge base)

*category specific search results are already available in the live-search dropdown



When will this be available

February 3 (Wednesday)

What is next

Plans and ideas we want to add over time:

  • More filters
  • Redirect Recently active, Unanswered questions, Active since last visit pages to this new search experience

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