Cyber Resilience: The Next Frontier Against Ransomware

  • 4 October 2021
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Cyber Resilience: The Next Frontier Against Ransomware
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In the third and final episode of our series, Ransomware 2021, our featured experts dive into the proliferation of ransomware, explore why businesses and individuals are being attacked and describe how security plus backup create a strong cybersecurity posture against this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Is your cybersecurity posture and cyber hygiene up to code?

Upholding a strong cybersecurity posture involves a multi-layered approach. This approach starts with shifting our ideas of what constitutes a security threat to encompass the modern, global and interconnected world we all live in. This approach also incorporates the practice of good cyber hygiene.

Maintaining cyber hygiene requires users to be mindful of suspicious emails and attachments, taking stock of all hardware and software we use and ensuring they are updated regularly with adequate antivirus software in place. It also involves regular security awareness training to remind users of the constantly shifting threat landscape. All of these elements combined go a long way to reducing vulnerabilities and the likelihood of a successful cyberattack.

Cyber resiliency in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats

The nature of cyberattacks make it unlikely cybercriminals will be apprehended, and the affected businesses ultimately suffer the consequences. Cyberattacks like ransomware have also become a bigger threat to individuals, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs that prioritize cyber hygiene, invest in regular security training and backup and recovery solutions are better prepared to maintain business continuity in the event they are hit with a cyberattack.

That is the power of cyber resilience.

“The story I like to tell about ransomware is about cyber resiliency. And cyber resiliency isn’t just about defending against ransomware or cyberattacks; it’s protecting your business against any of the things that could disrupt it,” security intelligence director Grayson Milbourne says. “That could be a natural disaster, it could be a hardware failure and of course, it could be ransomware or a disgruntled employee. There’s lots of reasons that things can go wrong.”

The COVID-19 pandemic supplied a host of new security risks as employees increasingly work remotely. With the increasing reliance on the internet to keep the wheels of business productivity moving in a remote environment, it is crucial to promote cyber-safe behaviors that keep businesses, employees and their data safe. Building a plan for cyber resilience mitigates risks and ensures businesses can bounce back from a cyberattack.

Watch Episode 3: Resilience Against Ransomware

Tune into the final episode of our three-part series to learn what the best defenses can yield for your business and your bottom line.


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