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  • 30 November 2012
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The purpose of this thread is to get you to the right place quickly if you're looking for help on a particular issue that falls into either of these two categories:
1. Items Currently Under Investigation
Nothing to report at this time.  :)
2. Issues That Must Go Through Support (not Community)
Certain kinds of issues can only be handled through our Official Support Department rather than Community.  Our Official Support Department is best-equipped to deal with certain kinds of issues due to the level of personal attention these types of cases need to receive and because Support has special tools they can use to help, which are not available on the Community.  There may be other kinds of issues we identify that necessitate Support intervention, and we will list those here as well.
If you are experiencing any issues listed below, please contact Support.
Items Currently Under Investigation:

There was a brief backup & sync outage 5/24/13.  Backup & sync is back online now.  There may still be intermittant server response issues as the servers renormalize over the weekend.
Issues That Must Go Through Support (not Community):

False Positives
You would like Support to connect to your computer to troubleshoot.

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