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  • 14 November 2017
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For years, the Webroot Beta testers have gotten their hands on the latest and greatest product updates before the general public. This group has been on the cutting-edge of Webroot technology and have helped shape the direction of our products.  
Now, we're looking for this group to grow and take it to the next level.  
Does this sound like you? 
Who makes a great Beta tester? 
  • Someone who loves the absolute latest in tech 
  • Someone who likes to find bugs and provide feedback 
  • Someone who isn't afraid of a little mess 
  • This is a beta after all so things won't always be perfectly buttoned up 
  • System requirements match our current product 
What are we looking for? 
Each Beta is going to be a little different. Sometimes you won't notice many changes while we're testing bug fixes behind the scenes. Other times, we'll be testing brand new big features that we'd love to hear your feedback on. Either way, you'll help make Webroot even better and more effective. 
Great! What are the next steps?  
  • Next, we will send you a private message with a keycode and installation information 
  • Once you've gained access to the group, you'll be able to see the latest Betas and provide your feedback 
    • Detailed instruction about the specific Beta programs will be included in this area 
    For every 10 community members that joins one of our 3 beta programs AND deploys the special beta keycode on their machine, 1 lucky community member will be eligible to win a Webroot Growler or $20 Amazon See official rules here attached at the bottom of this post

    Join our Beta program now! 

  • 48 replies

    I would love to join the beta!
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    Hi svs95
    No sound as if you have things covered. As I said it is unlikely that you will run into a problem with the beta...but better safe than sorry.
    Regards, Baldrick
    I would like to try the beta I have done a few webroot ones in the past along with other software. I trying out new stuff  even if we are supposed to break it 
    Hi, i am trying to join but it says i have to join the group. When i click join the group and send confirmation email, this appears:
    The page you are trying to access was not found. Please check your URL for typos and try again.
    If you need more people, I'd love to join the Beta Group
    Yes !
    i’d like to Help and test all the new Improvements
    Thank you for the great opportunity to Beta test your new products. I use both PC and Mac machines. Look forward to meeting the community.
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    Thank you for the opportunity to help you.  Requests have been sent.
    Hello, waiting for invite
    Hi, my name is Christopher and I would like to join the Beta if that is possible.
    Thank You
    Got the email over a week ago and have tried numerous times to join, have contacted support, and after trying their suggestions...I still cannot join....not meant to be.
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    Hi everyone, 
    I wanted to provide an update as we're making our way through all of the Beta requests. If you haven't gotten your invite or keycode yet, don't worry! We'll be making our way to your account very soon. 
    Thank you everyone! 
    I just received this invitation and would like to join the Webroot SecureAnywhere Windows group.  May I have permision?  Thank you for this exciting opportunity.  Love the Webroot services!
    Yes, I would like to join the Webroot BETA team, That is how I started with WEBROOT about 16 years ago, "we" have come a long way since then!  I use the Windows version and also on our Mobile devices.
    I have tried to join as a beta tester but I get a message that says closed group.
    Is there anything that I can do?
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    We can't thank everyone enough. We've seen a massive response to join our Beta program! The team and I have gone through this thread and will be sending out invites to those that responded that they wanted to join the program. You should see an invite coming your way by the end of the day. 
    Hello...I'm not sure what I'm suppose to do or if I'm suppose to pay for this service...I dont know that much about computers and how to get it to work the best for me.....And suggestion I can get all I can take.....
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    Hi jtolasch
    Welcome to the Community Forums.
    If you are intent on joining the Beta Testing group, and therefore beta=ta testing new releases of WRSA then all you need to do is to wait for one of the Moderators to see your post (this will most likely now not occur until business hours on Monday at the earliest) and they will contact you about the next stage.
    However in terms of your questions:
    1. "if I'm suppose to pay for this service"?
        No, you do not pay for use of the beta release as effectively you testing is quid pro quo helping Webroot
    2. "I dont know that much about computers and how to get it to work the best for me.."
        If I may I am concerned by this as beta testing is really something for the more tech savvy, experienced
        user to get involved in. And most certainly it is STRONGLY ADVISED that you do NOT install/run any
        beta software on a production system or one that you are not prepared to 'lose' should there
        unfortunately be a major issue with the beta, i.e., you are prepared to at worst lose the system &
        data/have to reinstall your OS, etc.
        Now, to be fair it is very rare that a WRSA beta causes any major damage but you need to think worst
        case and if you are prepared to accept the possibility. Also, even if you do decide to undertake the beta
        testing it is HIGHLY recommended that you use either a test or redundant system, that you have
        backed up/imaged prior to installing the beta...that way if the worst happens it is a relatively easy task to
        restore the system to the state prior to the issue.
        You could also test on a VM (Virtual Machine) if you have one set up...but given what you say about
        your expertise in the area I would expect that you do not have one of those.
    I am not trying to warn you off but rather to make sure that you understand what is expected of a beta tester and therefore what precautions you need to take to be able to do the job safely & efficiently.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification on the above or anything else related to it.
    Regards, Baldrick
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    Do we beta testers have separate forum for reporting bugs?
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    .I dont know that much about computers and how to get it to work the best for me
    And for that very reason, you should not be volunteering to be a beta tester. The possible bad outcomes far outweigh any perceived benefits. Better to leave this to advanced, tech savvy users.
    Is it too late to join?
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    Is it too late to join?

    You need to post in this new thread:

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    .I dont know that much about computers and how to get it to work the best for meAnd for that very reason, you should not be volunteering to be a beta tester. The possible bad outcomes far outweigh any perceived benefits. Better to leave this to advanced, tech savvy users.

    @Orthodoxguy Do you realize that your replying to a year old thread and post? 😲