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  • 28 August 2012
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While the Community is an excellent resource for basic troubleshooting, it is not the official Webroot support system.  The Community is staffed with Webroot employees that will do their best to help you if you need technical support from:
7AM to 5PM MST, Monday through Friday.
There is currently no official coverage on Weekends, but we have a great base of Volunteers who are happy to help. :)
However, the official Webroot support system is staffed 24/7.  While you are welcome to post questions outside of staffed hours to see if community members can answer your questions for you, please do not expect an official response from Webroot outside of staffed hours. 
For technical support inquiries that require immediate assistance, please use the official Webroot support system.  The support system is also the required point of contact for any matters involving infections.  There may be other reasons at times that certain topics are directed specifically through the support system, and those topics are tracked for reference in this thread.

5 replies

Thanks, good for newby fyi
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Just a quick heads up for our Community members - Saturdays are now staffed again. 😃
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Yes we see that so everyday the forum is staffed. ;)
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Thanks Jim for the Good News about Saturdays being staffed again. 😃
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Ah great. Staffed Saturdays again. We'll surely get a lot of help.:)