Looking for Webroot Beta testers

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Ok thank you i will wait.
Request sent, been on the original beta testers group since June 2011 (I think). Saw Daniel's post on wilders and came right here.
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Hi subrobhandari
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am sure that Nic will process your request as soon as he can.  In the meantime please be aware that the beta & release channels are aligned so to all intents and purposes there is no beta for the moment but rather as the Decelopment Team are on a contiunual development cycle approach a new beta could pop out at any moment so it is a case of watch this space.
Have a great weekend.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello subhrobhandari and Welcome to the Webroot Community! Nic will let you guys in the Beta Group I assume tomorrow!
Daniel 😉
I'm very interested in being a part of the beta group. Haven't registered on the community boards until now, but have been using Webroot for a couple years and would be delighted to help test out new builds/beta for feedback and bug reporting. Are you still in the process of looking for beta testers?

I have requested to join the group at the provided link in the first post. :D
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I would be interested in Beta testing WSA... I am presently testing W10
sent a request
Sign me up
Taking note of need of Webroot Beta Testers!
Request Sent.
I am currently involved in beta testing for game publishers, just some I have done in the past are Battlefield 3 (Eletronic Arts),  Americas Army PG (Army.gov) Elder Scrolls Online (ZeniMax)
I am familiar with the process of reporting and giving (thorough) feedback and given my disability status I have the time to donate to the cause.
I understand that testing software is not the same thing, but I am willing to listen and am very teachable.PeAcE
Currently running Webroot ISP v (1yr. Subscription)
Microsoft Windows 7 x64 (SP1) (will be upgrading to Windows 10 x64 when its available)
HI. I am new to the community. I would love to help test the Beta for Webroot. I spend a lot of time on the computer, usually surfing the net, shopping for bargains, reading, watching Netflix and, social networking.  I feel much safer since I started using Webroot. It would be an honor to assist this company.
I am interesting in improving security but I'm not highly tech savvy and am not sure it I am what you are looking for.  What is it to be a beta tester
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Please count me in, I am not sure how / where I need to apply. I was on a previous testing program but do not appear to have received any messages or emails about it since. Thanks.
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Haven't recieved Beta tester license to date? Is it necessary?
I'd like to give it a try
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Thanks for being willing to be beta testers!  I've PM'd keycodes to everyone who has posted here or requested access to the beta group.  Please let me know if I missed anyone 🙂
Add me.  I can fly, I am a pilot.
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@ wrote:
Add me.  I can fly, I am a pilot.
Done!  We'll call on you if we need anyone flown anywhere 🙂
I would like to help
Hello! I'm vojta from Wilders and I'm always in a betatest mood. Count me in too.
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@ wrote:
Hello! I'm vojta from Wilders and I'm always in a betatest mood. Count me in too.
Oh no not you! LOL There are no other vendor's or trolls to pick on! Great to have you here! :D
TH ;)
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Ok I've added all the new folks!
I'll be good here, I promise. :p
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You had better be otherwise you will be TripleHelixed in a jiffy...;)