New Beta group!

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I would like to re-join the Windows Home beta group
Hi. I've come to be a great fan and supporter of webroot for some time and i was pleasantly surprised to find this opportunity to beta test the Home User Beta Program. I would like to join the beta group if it's possible. thanks.
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I would like to be part of the Beta Group as well.
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I would like to rejoin the Beta Group! Thanks
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I filled out the survey when it first came out, not sure if I made it back into the group or not so am posting here just in case.
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I look forward to becoming part of the Beta Community. I've been a victim of "cyber-jacking", hackers, scammers, and fraud artist. Dealing with these issues has been a nightmare. I have acquired a great deal knowledge about internet security. Thank you. Patrick
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I sent you your keycode in a private message 12 minutes ago. Everyone that filled out the EULA should have a PM from me with their keycode now.
I would like to be in as well please.
Thank you.
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I would like the option of testing your Beta builds. Please advise on the steps necessary to "enroll". Thank you.
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Bobbys New Member, I would be interested in joining the Beta Group. Please forward instructions.
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Hello. Wondering if I can get access to the beta please?
I would like to request access to the Webroot Beta group for Android version 5.5.5
I have a Samsung S7 using the 5.5.4 version which is currently having issues with high CPU, overheating, and device incompatibility.
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Please provide instrutions on joining the Beta group for Android. Thanks.
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Beta Access please....
I would love to join you in the beta testing programs that are available! Have purchased and used your services in the past using Motorola G7 Android mobile. Thanks for your time. Don
Please grant me access
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I would like to rejoin the Beta Group! Thank you

Please allow me to access BETA
I would like to have beta access.
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Hi All

would it be possible to add yours truly to the beta?

Should add never did a beta before.

Want to join the beta program for home and mobile (android)

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Hello Webroot Community!

Today we are excited to introduce the new Home User Beta Group. We have consolidated all of the various products we offer into one group. This will make it easier for our Product Managers to engage wherever needed. Our goal is to simplify the Beta experience and while doing this, we decided that it's best to reset the keycodes from the old Beta group. This way, we'll be able to offer access to those active and engaged members.

All you need to do is either respond to this post requesting Beta access, or reach out to Drew or myself. Once we're notified that you're interested in participating, we'll send you the next steps to get you started including a EULA agreement. Please allow one business day for this to take place.

So, if you wish to join the Beta group, please request access in the comments below and we will get you set up. We look forward to seeing you there!

I would like to join your Beta Group!
Currently experiencing battery drain on Samsung Note 8, I'm an IT consultant, coming from an ITSP with Webroot customers, I was using the family pack before my former company started reselling Webroot. Quite a bit of experience here from both a user perspective and an MSP perspective.


I am interested in testing the beta version of webroot for my iMac on Catalina. Let  me know when i can download the software, thanks!



I have a MacBook Air w/ the most current macOS Catalina which didn’t/ doesn’t work with Webroot. Does the Beta version work w/ Catalina? If so, when can I get the Beta version?