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Hello all!
I have started this thread based on the private discussion with user @ in relation to this his (her) post and reply of @.
The point of discussion was that not all WSA users are fond of social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and thus they miss the opportunity to express their joy from the use of WSA.
Therefore please feel free to express your thanks, pleasure, joy and so on. :D Just please obey https:///t5/Community-Announcements/Webroot-Community-Guidelines/m-p/2#M826.
At the same time I understand that there can be also dissatisfied users but dissatisfaction usually stems from troubles they had to deal with. So, for such a case, please feel free to post your problems with WSA in to appropriate forum and you can trust that Webroot employees and volunteers will try to help you as they can in order to turn your discontent in happiness. :D
Thanks for your understanding!

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Thanks for starting such a nice thread!
There's a few different ways for those who don't use social media to share their positive comments on Webroot. The Webroot Community is definitely one of them. :)
Also, we appreciate positive reviews that can be used on our website. Update: Here's the link to write a review!
Lastly, many people shop on Amazon so leaving your thoughts there will helpfully help people make the right decision when choosing which product to buy on there! 
Also, for those who are on Facebook or Twitter, we do share out a "Fan of the Week" where our top review that has come in from our website or Amazon is shared with all of our fans. We love happy feedback!
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I absolutely love this piece of technology. it is light like the windows defender. (maybe lighter) and even more secure then norton products (maybe ten fold more secure xD) also it cleaned one of my parent's comps when it had annoying adware
and other viruses. :) 
norton internet security was on it. not sure which ver. prolly the latest. anywho it also cleaned my last computer which was meant for gaming. (no longer into that toxic stuff as i cannot handle it.) 
the ironic thing? I use the complete version of webroot and it runs almost one hundred times faster than the last internet security version of norton. This piece of technology is phenomenal. I love how it runs so fast and clears all the crud off my comp and barely damages it. I recommend this product nearly every time i talk about computer stuff/technology. this truly is from beyond this technology. hehe.
sometimes as i said in another area (i bring this topic up for no reason at all lol) (i thank the almighty one for such intelligent stuff like this as well as many other things.)
ANYWAYS, I'll say this again, I hope you remain as loyal to your customers as you have been before. and bring your technology to new levels. This will truly raise your profits and reputation to new heights.     :)   I must admit technology fascinates me greatly. 
whoever owns this company must be beyond an expert at making software.
I consider there to be at least five normal levels of how good you are with computers:
Novice: don't ask. xD
Intermediate: (me)
Semi-Expert maybe a few of you
Expert:  the rest of you
Master: some of you
Anyways sorry if i sound like i am kissing up to you lol.  I just am astounded people can make something this advanced without taking a lot of memory on a computer.  
;)  keep on advancing it hehe. (excessive i know)
I think I will shout with joy about the wonders of Webroot! Why not, my employees think I am half-crazy anyway.
That'll show 'em.


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