The Riskiest States in America 2019

  • 2 May 2019
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The Riskiest States in America 2019
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The worse your online habits are, the more hackable you become. Bad online habits include things like visiting risky or malicious websites, reusing and sharing passwords, and not using a reputable antivirus program or VPN. We took a look at each state's cyber-hygiene habits and the results were eye-opening to say the least.

Think your online habits are pretty safe? Think again.

  • 80% think they're being super-safe online, but only 10% really are.
  • 57% of residents surveyed from one state fell victim to identity theft last year.
  • Nearly 1/3 of US adults don't know what "malware" means. Do you?
The truth is, we can all do better.

Over the next 10 business days, we'll be holding a contest and asking you, our community members, a couple of fun daily questions. For each answer given, you'll be entered into a daily $25 gift card giveaway and one $100 grand prize giveaway.

We want to test your knowledge and see where our community stacks up against the rest of America.

Join in on all of the fun and win big!

4 replies

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Friendly Reminder: If you haven't entered into our contest, today is the final day to do so. Be sure to answer as many questions as you can as the more you answer, the more chances you have to win.
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Thank you for everyone that participated in our contest. As of now, we will be turning off the ability to answer our trivia questions and effectively closing additional contest applications. We hope you all had a little fun and even learned a thing or two. In the upcoming days, we'll post a recap and reach out to our lucky winners.

Thanks again!
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Update. The lucky winners were emailed today. If that's you, congrats! Please email us back with the appropriate info so we can send you your prizes!

Thanks again to everyone that participated. We will be sure to publish a recap post in the upcoming week.

Well stats are quite shocking though...1/3rd of people don't know malware?I hope all are accurate