Webroot Community Guidelines

  • 11 January 2012
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Definition of Community: A meeting space for digital citizens to learn, share and connect through common and divergent views. 
Webroot Inc. ("Webroot") expects everyone to be respectful, considerate and to use good judgment when participating in its forums, blogs, tribal knowledge base, and idea exchanges (the "Community"). The Webroot Community should be used to share information about issues relating to Webroot, Webroot products and services and Internet security generally.  The following Community guidelines ("Guidelines") serve to protect Webroot and its Community members, and to ensure that the Webroot Community is, and remains, a productive online environment.
Use Your Manners.
In order to maintain a positive, productive and dynamic Community, Webroot asks that you avoid using profanity, derogatory statements or making personal attacks toward others. Never post anything that is hateful, threatening, embarrassing, pornographic or harmful. Don’t discuss divisive issues such as religion or politics.  
Don’t Kill the Mood.
If you are joining the Webroot Community only to defile it, please move on. Or, if you witness someone attacking the company maliciously, Webroot kindly asks that you report the person so that Webroot can restore the Community balance (i.e. kick them out).
Don’t be a Spammer.
The Webroot Community should be used to share information about issues relating to Webroot, Webroot products and services and Internet security generally. Please do not attempt to promote a separate organization or cause.  Links to third-party security vendors will be removed.
In Your Own Words, Please.
Respect copyright laws. If the material isn’t your own, please request the proper permissions and properly reference the source.
It is the "Webroot Community"...?
The Webroot Community is monitored by Webroot’s Community moderators (each, a "Moderator").  Webroot and its Moderators reserve, at their sole discretion, the right to choose what content is appropriate, and to remove content, including, but not limited to, comments that do not further the goals of the Community.
Report the Buzz Kill.
If you see something that bothers you, chances are it will bother Webroot and its Moderators too. Any misconduct should be reported to the Community Moderators at communitysupport@webroot.com.
Use at Your Own Risk.
Webroot is not liable for any damages resulting from your participation in the Community. Webroot doesn’t endorse or guarantee the accuracy of, and specifically disclaims all liability for all submissions, including posts made by employees, suppliers or agents who are not authorized Moderators. Said submissions are deemed unauthorized, and are neither edited by Webroot nor do they necessarily represent the views or opinions of Webroot.
A Friendly Reminder.
Remember, in addition to these Guidelines, your use of the Webroot Community is subject to the Webroot Inc. Community Terms of Service (available at  http://community.webroot.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/terms-of-service) to which you agreed when you registered to join the Community.
Multiple Topics?  Multiple Threads.

It helps your fellow forum members to be able to search for topics by the topic name in order to see if other people are running into the same problems they are.  If you are posting about a whole lot of different things in one thread, it's harder for other forum members to locate and parse through.  It's helpful to split up multiple issues into smaller, individual topics when you can.  The smaller threads are typically answered more quickly as well, so it helps you too.

No Private Testing Discussions.
We do not condone private malware testing by end-users.  This is never a good idea, and in some areas it's actually illegal.  The whole point of antivirus software is to not get infected, and unfortunately when somebody sets a bad example, there will always be others who are influenced into following the same path.  It's not something we want to allow to be encouraged.
A Word about the Off-Topic Forums
The Techie and Non-Techie forums exist because this is a real community of real people, and we understand that sometimes you want to talk about more than just internet security.  That said, this is still primarily a Webroot forum about Webroot stuff.  While we encourage you to talk about everything from new phones to pictures of your pets or to just say "Good morning!" in the good morning topic, there is a limit to how many new off-topic threads you can create in a day.  While there is no limit to the amount of posts you can make in either forum, new topics are limited to 4 per day, total, between the two forums.  This is to keep the discussions primarily focused on Webroot-related topics while still allowing room for other subjects.
No Post Shilling.
Even in the off-topic boards, there needs to be some valuable takeaway from any topic that is created.  Topics that exist only to drive up member post counts are frowned upon and will be closed.  Those kind of topics don't add anything of value to the discussion and can actually hurt the community.  For instance, for new members it can seem confusing to see nothing but a single non-Webroot-related topic filling up the recent posts list.  It's ultimately left to moderator discretion to determine what falls into this category, but to give an example, it would be topics like random word association games.  It's ok to create topics that are lengthy though, as long as there is some tangible topic of discussion that other community members could benefit from.  Here is an example of an off-topic forum topic we don't mind being lengthy, and here is an example of one we did mind being lengthy and ultimately closed.

29 replies

Good stuff. Helpful and not too scary for us casual users.
Great information! Thanks.
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Thank you for posting! This is great information for those new to the Webroot Community's site and those in need of a refresher. Guidelines are important! :D
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thanks for posting these guidelines.....very helpful!