Webroot Community Mod Team Registration

Webroot Community Mod Team Registration
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Hello Webroot Community!

Today we are excited to open up registration for our moderation team. You may have seen a few of our current moderators around the Community via their blue badge, and if you're interested in helping the effort, all we ask is that you apply by sending a private message to @freydrew or myself. We will review all candidates and pick the 3 that we feel are the best fit for the Community.

We ask that you meet the criteria below to apply:

  • Your rank should be Community Leader or higher
  • An active user
  • Has proven to respect the Community Guidelines
  • Tell us why you would be a good mod and why you are interested
If accepted as a mod, you will receive additional privileges, a Webroot care package, and be invited to regular calls with the Community Team here at Webroot.

Webroot Moderator duties are as varied as the topics in the community. At the heart of it all, Mods are here to ensure the Webroot Community is a friendly and upbeat place where members can get help and have discussions about all things cyber security. To give you a general idea, Webroot Moderators will:

  • Foster lively discussion
  • Assist new and existing members
  • Ensure that members are following the community guidelines

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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