Webroot N-able Integration!

  • 23 August 2021
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Webroot N-able Integration!
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Award-winning security on a proven management platform

The cybersecurity of your clients is constantly being tested in new and innovative ways. To stay ahead of cybercriminals, you need endpoint protection that’s both highly effective and highly manageable. Simply adding another system or console to manage can be little more than another burden on your time, doing little to enhance overall client security. But what if you could manage all your security solutions for all endpoints across all sites and/or clients using the same RMM platform you already use and trust?

With Webroot®️ and N-able™️, you can.


What you get with N-able + Webroot

The Webroot N-able module increases efficiency by integrating next-generation Webroot®️ Business Endpoint Protection directly into the N-able N-Central. It takes only minutes to install and configure. With the Webroot N-able integration, all crucial endpoint management data is available in one place to streamline operations and decrease response times. Combining N-able and Webroot provides the very latest in next-generation security, efficacy, ease of management, and cost savings administrators need to protect clients and users. Manage your endpoints and infrastructure, automate processes, and increase your technicians’ efficiency

You get:



As long-standing leaders in our fields, we empower MSPs and businesses with our years of expertise.


We both built our offerings to help you lower costs and augment your staffs’ skills


Deployment management, agent commands, actionable alerts, and more


We’re both heavily committed to the security needs of MSPs and IT teams. Making security as automated and as simple as possible, without compromise.


Key integration benefits

Webroot was custom built with MSPs and smaller businesses in mind. It was designed to be easy to install, deploy and manage to companies can focus on growing margins and expanding their businesses. All these benefits are enhanced with N-able RMM, making it a powerful duo for security and success in business.


Easy to deploy script management

Easy to deploy script management. Intuitive, straightforward install with support for Windows®️ and Apple®️ computers.

Easy to navigate Job and Device status dashboard

Job and device status are all accessible from the dashboard. Quickly navigate between the device status or install job status from a single place.

View all Webroot agent status

View all Webroot agent status in all the devices in real time on the console

Schedule policies easily via service management

Create and customize the endpoint scan easily with the service management.

Check out the Integration User Guide Attached

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I have implemented this integration and it works. I combined the implementation steps from this integration with the way I had implemented another (more generic) AV Status script. See

I now have a custom service, combined with templates and rules to monitor Webroot.

The manual is a bit confusing at some points, as the screenshots do not match the description. E.g. page24-26 about the custom service.

The link to the scripts and manual is
The attached PDF contains the wrong link.

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Thank you Arjan. I’ll let our team know and get this fixed ASAP


Update it’s been fixed. I gave out 1.0 when there is a 1.0.2 version :grin: