Webroot Weekly Highlights - 8/10/2018

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This is a weekly highlight of the best articles and news going on in the Community.
See any stories that catch your interest? What would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

New Community Database: Malware Manifesto
What is it? This is meant to be an encyclopedia resource for any threat that shows up around the web. If you hear about a new kind of malware, our goal is to have Webroot's take on it. Do bear in mind that our perspective for each threat is being gradually rolled out. In the meantime, we've sourced some great articles from other threat researchers.
See the full article here.
Join the WiFi Security Beta!
Webroot is introducing a new product to our award-winning lineup of security products: Webroot WiFi Security. As a virtual private network (VPN) app, Webroot WiFi Security will help protect users on any device or network, especially unsecured public WiFi.
Like all our products, this latest addition to the Webroot family will include advanced Webroot BrightCloud®️ Threat Intelligence to provide the most robust VPN service on the market and the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute protection for our customers.
See the full article here.
Upcoming Webroot Integrations Live Q&A: August 17th 2018
"Hello Webroot Community!
I wanted to take some time with you 1:1 to answer your questions about the Integrations products and team here at Webroot. You may have heard of our recent BrightGauge integration and our longstanding Unity API integration. Like I mentioned earlier, the Community Team and I will be holding a Live Q&A session right here on the Business Community, on Friday August 17th from 10am - 10:30am MT. 
Please feel free to post any and all of your questions around Integrations and I will answer as many as possible.
Looking forward to speaking then!"
See the full article here.
The FBI warns about compromised IoT devices
The FBI is instructing users on how to recognize when their IoT devices have been compromised and advising them on how to keep them secure.
“Compromised devices may be difficult to detect but some potential indicators include: a major spike in monthly Internet usage; a larger than usual Internet bill; devices become slow or inoperable; unusual outgoing Domain Name Service queries and outgoing traffic; or home or business Internet connections running slow,” the Bureau shared in a public service announcement.
Full Article.
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