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  • 10 January 2019
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Thank you for the clarification
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One other question, as a beta test member does the subscription to Webroot services need to be renewed or is it done centrally on an automatic basis. If it needs to be done manually are reminders issued by email.
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We manage it so you don't need to.
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So we redefined how the badges work. On the previous platform, there were hundreds of badges and a vast majority of them were outdated, never earned, or something that wasn't really an achievement (i.e. getting a badge for whichever country you were registered under). We changed the badges to be based on the number of posts in certain category, number of best answers, and a couple other metrics that show what each individual has done to contribute to the Community. All posts, answers, and otherwise carried over from the before, so you will have earned badges based on those statistics, in addition to what you have done here since the migration.

@LLiddell, that's what I call a concrete logical answer. Thank You!

Nice views. Thanks for your views.