Welcome to the new Webroot Community!

  • 10 January 2019
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Introducing the brand-new Webroot Community!

So much has changed yet so much remains the same. Our mission is to provide a virtual meeting space where Webroot users and cybersecurity enthusiasts can learn, share, and connect. With the launch of our improved community, the Webroot Community Team and I will be able to do this even better.

Before you dive into the threads and start asking questions or posting new and exciting topics, there are a few things you need to know. We created a few helpful articles and step-by-step tutorials to get you started:

How to Login

If you already have a Webroot Community account, click here.
If you’re new and haven’t created a Webroot Community account, click here.

Once Logged in Successfully

Double check that your profile and signature are setup how you want it.
Subscribe to the categories/sub-forums. Simply click on the subscription button in the upper-right corner of each sub-forum.
Click around the new community. If you notice any issues or come up with a problem, let us know!

Getting Started

We will be updating our Getting Started Guide constantly with helpful tutorials, instructions, tips, and more to ensure that you hit the ground running. Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to this article to stay up to date.

We’re so happy that you’re here to continue this journey with us that started over 7 years ago. If you have any questions about the new community, please don’t hesitate to ask the team via a private message or post your question here.

Welcome to the new Webroot Community!

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