Product Update: April WSAT Content Release


The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty that malicious actors thrive on, making Security Awareness Training even more important now. Here’s how we tuned the WSAT April release to help you deliver value to your users right away:

  • Three COVID-related phishing templates
    • We’re seeing an above-average 12% clickthrough rate on these, emphasizing how important it is to warn your users about these scams.
  • Social Engineering training course
    • You’ll want to make this your topical training for the month, and part of your core security training going forward.
  • Zeppelin Ransomware Security Briefing
    • This is the first in a series of a new training format. Webroot Security Briefings are 2-minute videos designed to quickly inform users to notable trends and issues identified by the Webroot Threat Intel team. This quick, entertaining format does not feature any knowledge verification, so it’s a good way to add some variety to your Security Awareness campaigns.

In addition, highlights of this month’s release include improvements to course descriptions and thumbnails in the Library viewer, consolidating the popular Understanding Phishing Micro course into two more focused versions, and removal of broken or obsolete phishing templates.


Here are the details:

Type Category Title Seat time Description
Phishing Template Notification COVID CDC Spoof n/a Plain text; Updated list of cases in your city
Phishing Template Notification COVID Company Policy n/a Plain text; Communicable disease management policy
Phishing Template Notification COVID Company Survey n/a Plain text; Company seminar and survey registration
Phishing Template Notification SunTrust online banking unusual activity n/a Plain text; Notice of unusual bank activity
Training Course Security Social Engineering  15 The course is an overview of social engineering techniques. It’s designed to help you understand where threats to your data are coming from, and how you can protect yourself. It forms part of the cybersecurity collection, and can be taken either as a standalone course or as part of the collection as a whole.
Training Course Security Webroot Security Briefing: Zeppelin Ransomware 2 In this Webroot Security Briefing, you will learn about the Zeppelin ransomware threat. You will learn where it operates, who it targets, and what you can do to defend yourself against this emerging threat.
Training Course Business Skills Customer Service Success  10 We all love to receive great customer service. As consumers it makes us feel good. So much so, consumers now rate customer service as the most important factor when deciding to do business with a company. So it’s really important to understand and avoid certain behaviours that make our customers angry. This course can help you to improve your Customer Service.
Training Course Business Skills Equality and Diversity in the Workplace 10 The best companies know that an inclusive environment inspires creativity and innovation. Different kinds of people, from different kinds of places, with diverse backgrounds all working together. In a work environment that honours individuality, human dignity and equality – people want to be themselves, and are empowered to do the best work of their lives.
Training Course Compliance Harassment and Bullying at Work  10 Everybody should be treated with dignity and respect at work. Bullying and harassment of any kind should not be tolerated in the workplace. Its effects can be very harmful both to organisations and individuals.
Training Course IT Skills Office 2016 Basic  50 Office 2016. Everyone uses Office, and 2016 is pretty close to the year it is now (assuming you’re not reading this, like, 1,000 years in the future). So why not learn the basics, if you’ve not already? If your organisation has recently updated its Office software, it might explain why you you’re here. You want to learn about Office 2016, which is fine – There are a few key differences between this and previous versions of Office. On the other hand, you might not have used any Office products before, which is also fine. Either way, this course will help you get the hang of things by giving you an overview of what’s on offer.
Training Course IT Skills Office365 Basic  110 A lot of our course titles have the year of the software after them, but don’t worry: this isn’t a program from 365 AD. This is year to help you to master the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Hence the name. Microsoft Office is ubiquitous. Virtually every business uses or has used it at some point. Therefore, it’s good to know about. This course’ll help you get to grips with the software, whether you’re a neophyte or you’ve used Office before. There’s so much to the suite, there’s bound to be something in here you can learn. Check it out.
Training Course IT Skills Sharepoint Overview  10 Microsoft SharePoint is like peanut butter and jelly; it combines all the things you love and need in one place. It allows you to share common resources and applications, which allows your team to collaborate across your organization. Now all your projects will be better than ever before. You're welcome!