Product Update: ConnectWise Automate Update

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ConnectWise Automate Update - (June 10th 2020)
New Features
  • Global Client filter to enable vastly faster access to plugin pages by larger customers
  • Added Location as a new column within the Computers page to help usability
  • Added Active Threats value to Computers page
  • Added the ability to turn on ARPNOREMOVE via plugin global settings for additional security
  • Removed Client & Location tabs and -Clone Unique Identifier option to reduce legacy technical debt
  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability as well small bugs
  • Changed the API endpoints used with the computer data synch process to be more efficient
  • Restricted Threat History to 3 months to reduce strain on DBs with large numbers of detections

Latest plugin guide can be found here

The normal distribution for this plugin is via the ConnectWise Solution Center, however, a full version can be downloaded here

If issues arise with the new version, the previous full version can be downloaded here


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