Product Update: Management Console Update 41.0

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Product Update: Management Console Update 41.0

This release includes a revised version of the most used Agent Commands and Scan History and Threat Reports now being available in both the Business and MSP Management consoles,

The highlights of the release are:

  • Improved – Agent Commands
  • New – Threat Reports
  • New – Scan History
  • New – Dark Web Breach Report
  • New – Training Navigation Enhancements

1. Threat Report

New URL reports have been added to the On Demand section of the Reports page.

These new reports are:

  • All Threats Seen
  • All Undetermined Software Seen
  • Devices with Threats Seen on Last
  • Devices with Undetermined Software on Last Scan
To run any of these reports, select one from the dropdown list and then choose to run it against the site of your choice or All Sites. Once you have chosen your date range, simply click Submit to generate the report.

The data from that report will be displayed on screen and from here you can choose to drill down further into the data produced by clicking on a chart or file information.

To download a copy of the data displayed, you can click on the Export to CSV button and a copy of the report data will sent to your account email address.

2. Scan History

A new tab will be been added to the Devices page when you select a Device to view from the groups page. When clicked this will display a list of every scan that has taken place for that particular device including any threats that have been found during the Scan.

You can then drill down to get detailed information regarding each threat and choose to either run a Clean up Command, Restore that file from Quarantine or add a Whitelist Override.

By clicking on each Filename, you can then see a detailed view of the infection encountered.

3. Dark Web Breach Report

The new Dark Web Breach Report and risk assessment tool now allows Security Awareness Training admins to quickly generate a report to outline any breaches associated with any client’s domain, organized by user and breach. The report includes a breach summary, a list of breached data by category, as well as the users impacted at each client site. The report provides ideal documentation to help admins determine and demonstrate real-world risks, so they can advise clients’ executive management on services and tactics accordingly to avoid future security incidents.

4. Training Navigation Enhancements

We’ve made two new navigation enhancements:

First, we added a shortcut that launches the Security Awareness Training console from the global training dashboard to make it easier and quicker to move between dashboards.

Second, we added a new site selector to the console to make it simpler to navigate between sites. This update also better aligns the Security Awareness Training console with our overall goal of streamlined management across client sites.