$100 McDonalds Giftcard on Facebook? That's Malware.

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"Mayor McCheese would most certainly not approve: Facebook posts offering free $100.gift cards to McDonald's lead not to hamburgers and fries, but to malware."
Full story here.

If your friends are sharing these links, please kindly let them know they are spreading malware and to delete their posts.

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Wow.I hate to say this,but anyone who would click on something like this deserves what happens.A little common sense people.People need to ask themselves,Why on earth would McDonalds sponsor a promotion like this??What would they have to gain from this??Answer:NOTHING.God,this kind of stuff relly gets my blood boiling.And as usual,there will be a few that fall for it.Pity.Thanks for sharing.Will be sure to warn my wife about this,as she is quite naive about these things.
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I agree with you, but sadly, that's how social engineering works and too many people, who aren't as computer savvy, fall for it.


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