Another Zero Day Exploit for Adobe Reader

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Well,another Zero Day exploit has been found for Adobe Reader that allows bypass of the apps sandboxing 😞.The story can be found HERE
Just confirms we all have to be super vigilant and super careful and use best practices.I am certainly sure WSA has our backs when it comes to any payload delivered via the exploit.So happy i do not have to worry about things like this with WSA protecting my machines:D

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Nice article - thanks for sharing!
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And, as we know, even if WSA didn't know about the Adobe Reader exploit, any actions taken by the program and any subsequent payload would be journalled so by the time the problem is classified, I'm sure everything would be rolled back to how it was before the incident. 🙂
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Thanks superssjdan for the notification of another Zero Day exploit for Adobe Reader. If it's not Abode Reader then it's Adobe Flash or Java or Windows itself.


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