Christmas tech scams roundup

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December 20th 2018, By Christopher Boyd
There’s a fair few Christmas tech scams floating around out there as 2018 winds up, and we thought it’d be a good time to warn you about them. It’s the usual mish-mash of phone antics, social media shenanigans, and click bait. Shall we begin?

This scam looks divine

BOOM reports on a collection of anti-aging cream websites targeting regions such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Colombia. Numerous pages on Facebook provide a launchpad for the sites promoting the product. Alongside the cookie-cutter sites offering up the product, there are also imitation news websites claiming various movie and TV stars are promoting it. Indeed, one site claims Nicole Kidman created it.
Philippines actress Carmina Villaroel had to deny any involvement with the scam in question on her Instagram page.
Many people have complained about being duped after seeing their ads on social media platforms. That, plus the fake movie/TV star claims means you should give this one a wide berth.
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