Congratulations Webroot on Passmark test results

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Found this while reading Bloomberg News.Congrats on the results!!!Bloomberg Article

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Thanks for the announcement superssjdan!
We have an announcement of our own about this as well, press-release style, available here.  :)
Webroot, a leader in delivering Internet security as a service, today released the results of an independent test that shows Webroot®️ SecureAnywhere™️ scored 33% better than the next closest vendor in terms of the overall impact of antivirus software on Windows 8 operating system performance1. In addition, Webroot provides superior protection with unique features tailored to the new Windows 8 environment.
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Superb results.There was never any doubt that the WSA family of products blows the competition out of the water in terms of performance.I'm very happy to see Webroot getting this recognition and exposure.It's also great to see more and more people i come across having heard of the Webroot line of software.Having the product sold and positively reviewed in overwhelming fashion at Best Buy and Amazon has helped adoption and brand recognition in a major way.Glad to see more and more people are discovering what we already know..Webroot is the BEST!
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Webroot SecureAnywhere will always be at the Top. Tiny app, little resource usage and they continue to work on keeping it that way with every Build.
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Excellent results at Passmark, and reassuring for anyone who wishes to use Windows 8 too.


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