IBM Brings Bare Metal Intel TXT Security to Cloud

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By Sean Michael Kerner  |  Posted September 09, 2014
BM today announced that it is bringing Intel's Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) to its Softlayer cloud service.
Intel's TXT is a trust mechanism that is part of the Xeon processor, enabling administrators to place workloads on trusted pools of hardware. Karna Bojjireddy, lead architect for Cloud Security and Strategy at IBM, explained to eSecurityPlanet that Intel TXT technologies have been available for some time, but getting the technology properly deployed in the cloud takes effort.
"To enable this feature and Trusted Platform Module, BIOS-level settings need to be changed," Bojjireddy said. "Softlayer has made changes to their Infrastructure Management System (IMS) to enable this feature through automation."
eSecurityPlanet/ full article here/

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