[Infographic] BYOD: Is your Company Safe?

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Our recent studies show that mobile threats are real and rampant...As more companies begin to adopt BYOD, they need a mobile solution that provides powerful device-level security to protect against these threats. 
You can view the full infographic here!

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It amazes me to this day how many people in business and non-business environments i come across that have no protection,nor see the need for,on their mobile devices.I have pointed out that those who own macs once thought the same,and that every day more and more malware is being written to attack these platforms.I reiterated that mobile devices,simply due to their sheer numbers,and also due to ignorance of their users,are proving to be quite an attractive target for criminals.Sad thing is,most will not listen till they are a victim of something like identity theft,if not something worse.Thank you for sharing the infographic.Awareness can be a very powerful thing


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